WTF Is This Post Even About?

The shocking truth about people is they are full of s***! People will lie about everything they can whenever they can to benefit themselves for the most part. This makes believing anything anyone says damn near impossible! For example, when I learned that Obama had a penis and was dating Donald Trump secretly wearing furry animal costumes and occasionally dressing like dogs while Hillary Clinton masturbated recording the whole thing I was shocked. I thought this can’t really be, but then I realized I would never really know.

hillary and trump

Ever since Mark Zuckerberg gave away a two-headed unicorn riding a shark that was married to a raccoon the world has not been the same. When SpaceX is having sex on Space Rockets while flying to the moon wearing lingerie the world is wondering what is happening. Our water is being taken from us to save fish so that fish can eventually catch humans. The world is being turned upside-down or right-side up depending on how you look at it.


When it comes to the human mind, we are typically entertained by some of the most simple and easiest of things. The shock factor of randomness is often enough to grab somebody’s attention and carry our minds into a spiral of creativity. This article makes absolutely no f****** sense whatsoever. However if you read this far, your mind is probably being a little bit creative thinking what the f*** was this person thinking. Now your mind has jump-started into the realm of fantasy and fiction where creativity is born, and that is the purpose of articles like this. Sometimes the weirdest s*** can spark creativity, and that’s the shocking truth!


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