WTF Is Up With the Sword Stabbings

WTF is going on in Pennsylvania is the question that is on the minds of people everywhere. Apparently there was a man who was arguing with his brother-in-law and attacked him allegedly swinging around a samurai sword like a Mighty Morphin Power Ranger.

Do you remember the red Power Ranger? We may not know who he is but most of us if not all remember that he stabbed a roommate with a samurai sword not long ago in an apartment. Apparently samurai swords are becoming the new in thing. Guns are for pussies. While this is going on police were also searching the home of a Pennsylvania man who apparently was receiving children as gifts.

Maybe it’s not just Pennsylvania maybe it’s the entire world. What’s going on in society today and why is it falling apart at such an epic rate. Is the fabric of life as we know it decaying in front of our very eyes yet we are too blind to see it? Hopefully, will wake up and notice that the news around this is escalating the downward spiral and us as people need to do something to bring humanity back to a point of positive being. If we don’t our end is inevitable and that is the shocking truth!

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