WTH Are These People Doing With Jello

There are many different things out there that will catch the attention and draw the masses Just watching YouTube videos. The shocking truth is people are entertained easily will watch just about anything if you put it out there. This is just what is going on with the latest craze of YouTube videos involving Jello. All you have to do to be a part of this new trend is find an old soda bottle, sports drink bottle, or juice bottle and you’re almost there.

Now you mix up Jello pour it inside and freeze it till it’s a little faith. Be sure to save your wrapper and cap because when it’s all said and done you cut the plastic bottle away from the jello apply the wrapper and cap and suddenly it looks like you have a bottle stuff to drink but it’s in fact actually made out of Jell-O!

People Are Doing Weird Shit With Jello And I Can't Look Away

Then people enjoy cutting and mutating the jello into multiple shapes and forms. I do believe you can even eat the stuff when you’re done. Don’t be surprised if you end up watching a YouTube video involving Jello later on when you least expect it. Once you see a couple of clips of this jiggly action, you won’t be able to take your eyes off of it. You will have to have more because the shocking truth is we all love Jello just ask Bill Cosby!

Check out all the Jello fun here.


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