WTH Are These Politicians Doing?

Something you may not want to hear but are going to have to read about anyway because the shocking truth is you love the s*** is… Obama, Trump, and Hillary Clinton all reportedly got together for some freaky fun. Pictures started popping up on the internet allegedly showing the three of them wearing all sorts of kinky costumes together.

hillary and trump

When asked about these photographs, of course, all parties involved denied having taken any such actions or that these photographs ever existed. Hillary even said you could check her emails! Surprisingly and even scarier is that Mr. Trump had nothing to say at all. Barack Obama reportedly was drinking fizzy bubbly while blazing fat spliffs with the Zohan and also declined to have any involvement or acknowledgment of these photographs. The things that people in power do are quite odd.

Many times they feel guilty for hurting tens of millions of people and like to have weird things done to them in order to make up for these feelings of guilt. This would be why Hillary dresses like a man while Obama and Trump are seen many times in dresses and S&M gear.

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