Yellowstone Volcano Likely to Erupt and Cause a Nuclear Winter

The shocking truth about the Yellowstone volcano eruption is we will never know the real truth until the moment is upon us. While there were mass amounts of media coverage on the Orlando shooting of the LGBT community the attention of the world was being pushed towards this while secretly Yellowstone National Park was being evacuated according to sources on the internet. There were multiple stories that stated an eminent eruption was going to occur.

The shocking truth is life as we know it would be over should this actually happen. No amount of pointing fingers or suggesting that someone’s to blame will do anybody any amount of good. Should Yellowstone erupt, the next 200 years will turn into a nuclear winter. The cloud of volcanic ash would blanket out the sun killing off all vegetation and most all of the animal life across the country.

Let’s just hope that the Yellowstone supervolcano eruption is, in fact, nothing more than a rumor started by a miscellaneous author on the internet. You can’t always believe everything you read it’s always a great idea to fact-check. You may be surprised at what you find if you do a little research for yourself, and that’s the shocking truth.


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