Yet Another Shocking Way We Are Killing the Planet

Oklahoma is experiencing many small earthquakes as well as the region stretching all the way into North Dakota. Many people are saying that this is a normal part of life, and nobody should be concerned or worried one bit. When you hear this, generally there is, even more, reason to be worried.

Others speculate that these earthquakes are being caused by humans. The cause of these earthquakes to many is fracking. Sand fracking is taking place from Oklahoma all the way up in the North Dakota and is ravishing our environment according to environmentalists.

The burning lights from the burn off gas in this area can be seen from outer space. The amount of dangerous and deadly emissions is substantial The fracking process itself is disturbing dispersion and causing a shift in tectonic plates. This is causing the micro-earthquakes and will eventually build up to a major disaster earthquake like many have never seen before.

The shocking truth is, no matter how advanced we may think we are as a society, we aren’t. An advanced society would know that if they do things such as fracking the consequences are devastating.


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