You Can Delete Donald Trump From Your Internet


Just in time for the 2016 election year a special filter is available on the Chrome Web Store. This is not your normal filter for your Chrome browser it is a very special one that has the ability to remove one of the most ridiculous and annoying things sense popup spam porn. You can now remove Donald Trump from your browser!


That’s right as it was so elegantly put you can delete Donald Trump from the internet. No longer do you have to see his smug orange face and beady pale raccoon eyes. You no longer have to listen to his obscene and ridiculous notions on a way to control a country. No longer do you have to listen to him back people that secretly behind the scenes he is great friends with. Too many Donald Trump is a joke and the sorriest excuse for an attempt at a president candidate ever.


He is making a mockery of what the presidential election of the United States stands for and proving that it is about money and arrogance. This is what many believe at least. What do I think about the new Chrome extension to remove Donald Trump? Let’s say I would install it but Donald Trump give me a form of comedy. He reminds me of what not to be and drives me to aspire to become better. And in essence his arrogance helps create a strength when you look at it that way

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