You Can Now Masturbate in Public and No One Will Know

There have been some crazy ideas come onto the market in the past as well as some that were just simply disgusting and absurd. The product I’m about to tell you about though takes the cake in both categories. Allow me to introduce you to the Jerk Shirt. No this is not a shirt that will be worn by assholes or those otherwise known as jerks. Though if someone is wearing it and utilizing it for it’s intended purpose they probably are a jerk or at least a pervert. This is a shirt to allow disgusting and perverted nymphomaniacs the ability to jack off in public.

That’s right; there is now a shirt on the market that will allow you to masturbate without the fear of getting caught. The shirt comes in the style of a dress shirt and is equipped with a prosthetic arm available in four different shades. The Jerk Shirt also contains a splash guard that is stain resistant to help prevent your cover from being blown by the aftermath. The Jerk Shirt is brought to us by Kim Soda, who believes that because more people are on their mobile devices than ever before that they should provide the world with a seemingly inconspicuous way for people to enjoy adult entertainment.

Here’s an idea for you, why don’t you do what respectable people have been doing for years and that’s turn on a p*** video inside of your bedroom with the door locked and jack off in the privacy of your own home. The shocking truth is some people are rude and disgusting enough that they will not only buy the shirt but will also utilize it for its intended purpose.


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