You Could Lose Your Identity Through Your Flashlight App

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We all know that today more than ever identity theft and stolen information happens to more people than ever before in the past. We use our phones, tablets, computers, and laptops to do a multitude of shopping and financial transactions. We give personal information to institutions that are supposed to use secure data encryption services that prevent your personal information from being viewed or stolen. However beyond all these firewalls and Personal Information Acts that are supposed to keep your privacy guaranteed, identity theft still is a huge problem.


Did you know one of the number one ways that thieves hack into your phone to steal information is through your flashlight app? That’s right your flashlight app! Your flashlight should need access to nothing more than possibly your camera to turn on the built-in flash. Most flashlight apps ask for excessive permissions giving them access to your call list, personal information, storage on your phone, as well as just about everything else. The flashlight app is one of the largest downloaded apps in the App Market today, and it would be no surprise that crooks, criminals, thieves, and other no good doers would utilize this to their advantage. I guess in all fairness it gives the underdog criminal a chance to keep up with Facebook who pretty much has more personal information and data on individuals than any other collection agency in the world.

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Way to go NSA, CIA, FBI, Obama, or whoever else really truly owns the Facebook platform. Is your identity safe? Probably not! Is your personal information safe? Probably not! If you want to make it a little bit safer just get rid of that flashlight app. Go old school and try a real flashlight perhaps a keychain flashlight or a small one that fits in your purse. And to all the dudes out there if you have to have a flashlight carry a manly light with you. Find a construction quality LED light that is rechargeable and strap it to your back like Crocodile Dundee. Then when the situation calls for it, you can light the night with your bright light all big and manly. Beyond that, there really is no need for a flashlight app as the convenience may outweigh the risk.

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