You Got What From The Hospital


The shocking truth is hospitals are designed to make you sick. You come to a hospital to get better but think about it for a second. You’re going to a place that is filled with sick people. Filled with viruses, germs, bacteria, and other no good things. You may not even be the individual who is in the hospital you could just be someone who is visiting.

A simple visit to the hospital could result in you coming down with something that you don’t want to have. The shocking truth is some hospitals even use vaporizer machines that spray out Xanax like substances in order to calm unruly patients.


Hospitals or where you go when you are in the worst shape imaginable. They are full of IVs and blood pathogens that just with creep you out. The best way to avoid a hospital is to stay healthy. Eating well-balanced diet combined with exercise while staying away from drugs and alcohol will do you the best

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