You Just Never Know What You’ll Find on Craigslist

The shocking truth about people is we will do anything to save a couple of bucks. People will go through a site such as Craigslist or through classified ads in the local newspaper in order to find items they are looking for. They do this to save money because it is hard to come by. Many people work 40 to 80 hours a week just to barely get by. So if you can save 40 or $50, that’s a lot of money. This is exactly what happened when a woman was looking for a freezer. She didn’t want to pay the full price for a new deep freezer which starts at prices around a hundred and fifty bucks.

Instead, she went out and found one through an ad. The freezer was everything she wanted, and it was a great bargain too at only $75 which was half the price of what a new one would cost. What she didn’t expect it she got a little bit more than the freezer when she picked it up. Not knowing much about freezers and having somebody else pick the freezer up she didn’t have any clue that it was awkwardly heavy.

Of course, the people helping her move it did. They mentioned that this was a super heavy freezer compared to normal. Upon plugging in the freezer and open it up the woman found the sellers frozen mother inside. Talk about taking the term chill out to a whole other level! When you buy something, you better check it out thoroughly before you agree to purchase it because you never know what you’re going to get. That my friends is the shocking truth!

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