You May Never Guess the Conditions That Some People Work In

Almost everyone has had that one job that was just well shitty. Whether it be the pay, the co-workers or the environment, we have all had at least one job that wasn’t up to par. Despite how bad some of us may have thought that we had it, my guess is you’ve never had a job as shitty as those working in some of the largest US poultry companies.

A recent report was released by Oxfam America stating that many workers within these companies are not granted sufficient bathroom breaks to the point where they have started wearing diapers so as not to be embarrassed when they are forced to defecate or urinate on the production line due to not being able to take a bathroom break.

Not only is this a shocking truth to the fact that many people work in inhabitable environments it is also very shocking to think that the men and women that are handling our food are peeing and pooping in their pants because their managers do not feel that they deserve a break to use the restroom. A full-fledged investigation has been launched to follow up on the claims made by this report. At this point, all we can do is hope and pray that this is false, but unfortunately, the shocking truth is it probably isn’t.

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