You Must Heed the Warnings Being Made

In shocking news that everybody needs to pay attention to, terrorist around the world are claiming that the attacks in Brussels along with the attacks in Paris are nothing more than rehearsals for a larger attack in the United States. The attacks that are being carried out by terrorists around the world are allegedly test attacks. They are gearing up for a much larger scale attack and are simply finding out how long response teams take along with what actions the United States government takes as well.

Many times before in the past when horrendous and tragic attacks on US soil have occurred, there has been warnings that were ignored. Such an attack may be on the horizon, and the American people need to be on heightened alert. Terrorists around the world both foreign and domestic are threatening an attack on American soil at large events and ball games.

The American people are being urged to continue attending these events. Personally, I recommend watching them on TV rather than being part of the next shocking truth story! A bowl game is not worth your life neither is a crowded festival or event.

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