You Never Know Who You Might Run Into in Space

Someone told me they thought they saw Captain Janeway on the International Space Station the other day. I was like are you crazy? They said no remember Captain Janeway from Star Trek Voyager? I said of course I remember Captain Janeway. The next thing I knew they were showing me a picture of someone in a space station wearing a Star Trek uniform with Earth as a background.


Talk about one hell of a selfie. I first thought this was a picture from an upcoming Star Trek movie but soon realized it was actually a real picture. An Italian astronaut by the name of Samantha Christoforetti was actually the woman in the suit. It wasn’t Captain Janeway. However this was still really cool and yes I did get the Star Trek outfit she was wearing was from the Star Trek Voyager series.


Not only has this picture really cool it appealed to the inner nerd and sci-fi geek in me. If you had to take clothes and other space but not take an official Starfleet Academy uniform. You never know when you’re going to run into a Vulcan, Clarion, Frankie, or even worse a Kardashian (korny word play on Cardassians)LOL!


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