You Put What In My What

A shocking truth was just revealed! Well, it wasn’t just revealed as a few people have known about it for quite some time but apparently it doesn’t seem to bother many. Most of the food that you’re eating today isn’t actually what you think it is. Between preservatives, additives, and other unnatural additives food as we know it has changed. It no longer is real.

The next time you go to eat that fast-food cheeseburger or chicken sandwich consider this. Sometimes as much as 50 to 70% if not more of what you’re eating is synthetic. Even more disturbing is that other countries around the world have been waking up to the horrendous atrocities that are caused by these chemically injected foods being sold. These countries have put a stop to these unhealthy and unethical food selling processes.

Take for example in the country of Ireland; McDonald’s is known to have a fine, high quality, burger. This would be because the hamburger meat is real, the lettuce, tomatoes, and other vegetables are also real  and contain no GMOs. The buns that their burgers go on are made from real grain and are actually bread not cardboard fillers from China. The shocking truth is people will put anything in their stomach especially when they are unaware that they are doing so. What is even more shocking is some people will willingly do this even when they have time to eat healthier alternatives and will do so knowing what it is.


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