You Should Probably Be Prepping and Not Assuming All Will Remain the Same

2016 is most likely going to be the hottest year ever recorded in history. Global warming and weaponized weather are taking their effects on our environment. The changes that we will face as people, in general, will be ones that will alter life as we know it. Most likely 2016 will be even hotter than last year. If this is the case which it is already setting up to be, you will need to take some extra precautions in order to maintain existence. First things first you will want to stock up on basic supplies such as food, water, and medicine.

You may think that these things will always be at the store for you, but this is not the case. When the temperatures rise, and drought-stricken lands do not produce food prices will skyrocket. The skyrocketing prices will affect everything from gasoline to water and any kind of food imaginable. Medicine will also start to disappear from the shelves.

Being sure to have plenty of water on hand or access to a solar-powered well will be vital in your survival. Many people believe that as the temperatures warm up we can simply turn our air conditioners on and stay cool. This is not the case. The overwhelming surge of power consumption due to the heat wave will cause power companies to have blackouts do to transformers exploding and grids burning out. If you don’t think a little bit of heat can heat up life as you know it then the shocking truth my friend as you may not be ready for what’s coming.


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