You Will Never Guess How This Farmer Got His Hens to Lay Eggs

Farmers have done some crazy things to get hens to lay eggs, and celebrities have been the influence to create some incredible things but never quite have the two came together until now. A farmer in North York Shire named Adrian Potter runs a farm that has been in his family since 1920. Potter has tried playing different music to his hens to help them relax and be productive in laying eggs.

He had experimented with music such as classical and jazz, but the artist that seem to really get them going was Ed Sheeran. Eds songs such as Kiss Me, Thinking Out Loud and Little Bird are some of their favorites according to Potter. On this farm, there are over two hundred and fifty thousand hens and according to Potter, their production significantly increased when playing Sheeran’s music.

Playing music as a comfort technique to help keep hens productive on a farm is not a new technique and has been used for many of years. Some speculate that the connection to his music that the hens have stems from the fact that Ed was born not too far away and also owns a farm in a nearby town. Whatever it is all we know is that it’s kind of shocking that it would be his music out of all of it that brought serenity and productivity to these hens.


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