You Will Never Guess What the Bieb Did This Time

You will never believe what Justin Bieber did this time. Those golden side locks that the artist is so well known for and the ones that were loved by so many teenyboppers and middle-aged women around the world are no longer in existence. That’s right folks if you have dreamed about running your fingers through that soft blonde hair on top of his head you can no longer fantasize about this because it’s not possible.

Justin Bieber’s hair is now in dreadlocks. This shocking new do premiered on Instagram just hours before the iHeartRadio Music Awards on April 3rd. This is not the first dramatic change we have seen on top of this performers head, though. Justin is known for experimenting with his hairstyle. Just a few months back he had cornrows and has since grown it out to where he could even wear it in a man bun before his dreadlocks came along.

Justin isn’t known for just changing his style he is also known for changing his hair color as well. In January, his hair was dyed purple and just a few short weeks after that he was rocking the platinum blonde locks. I’m not sure what’s more shocking in this story the fact that Justin did this or the fact that there are so many people that will be beside themselves because of it.

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