You Will Never Guess Where You Can Now Find Free WiFi

People around the world do things differently than here in America, and this is not uncommon to many. Some customs are considered strange some are considered gross, and some are just weird and unusual. In the United States of America when our loved ones pass often, they are placed in the cemetery where they will spend the rest of Eternity in an eternal rest.

In Moscow it is a common tradition to throw festivities and feasts along with celebrations and other events at cemeteries and graveyards. Now if you are in Russia and happen to live by a cemetery in Moscow you can plan the ultimate day out. A family gathering complete with a BBQ and Netflix at the cemetery. That’s right you heard correct you can watch Netflix at the cemetery. No, you won’t have to chew up your mobile data to do this.

Cemeteries in Moscow can now be found with free Wi-Fi access. You never know when you might drink too much vodka get buried alive and have to use your cell phone to get you out. When your cell signal might not come in Wi-Fi might be just the thing you need to save your life. So the next time you’re going to have a family gathering at the Moscow local cemetery make sure to bring your personal device with you because the Wi-Fi is there for you to enjoy Netflix while you munch amongst the deceased.

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