You Will Never Guess Who Was the Latest to Endorse Trump

In shocking news, Donald Trump gains more support from yet another government agency. This time, the National Border Patrol Council has endorsed Donald Trump for president. It would seem that Donald Trump is gaining supporters in different areas of government throughout our country. Individuals apparently like his tactics of racial profiling, discrimination, and the fact that he knows how to bounce back from 7 bankruptcies.

I do believe it’s the amount of money that drives other politicians and individuals to endorse this lunatic. The president of the United States of America is not supposed to be soft, but they are not supposed to be an outright racist Pig and part of the one-percenter elite in the world either. That would be like giving control of the cannabis industry to the pharmaceutical control board it wouldn’t make any sense would it?


If anybody should have control of the cannabis industry, it should be the agricultural committee or the USDA. It would also seem in the same lightness that if somebody was going to be President of the United States it should be somebody who is not looking to divide the states and build walls around the country but rather someone looking to the future and ways to unite a multicultural facet of individuals together under one nation in harmony. I guess it’s easier just to support hatred and outlandish ideas that involve racial profiling and discrimination of the poor no matter what color. The shocking truth is Donald Trump probably will win the election because of his money!

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