You Will Never Guess Why This Policeman Was Arrested

Things must be real bad with the economy in Rhode Island when an officer of the law has to steal coupons from a newspaper delivery service to get by. That’s right an armed officer of the law has been caught stealing coupons from within newspapers at a local newspaper distribution facility. Officer Jesse Ferrell is 49 years old and was arrested by members of the Providence Police Office of Professional Responsibility.

He is currently on unpaid leave from the department pending an investigation. No one knows why this individual was participating in these acts as seriously what are you going to do with the coupons and fliers from inside of a newspaper? Sell them on the black market? Save a shit ton on your grocery bill?

I mean seriously, what would cause a man of the law to break the law over something so trivial. If you ask me, I think it was a cover up for larger operations that have yet to be discovered. For now, we will just have to wait until July to see how things unfold as this is when he is due to appear in court for a pre-trial hearing.

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