You Won’t Believe How Much Fuel Was Wasted BC of One Item on Your Car

The shocking truth is many people don’t realize something they love dearly is actually costing them significantly while killing them at the same time. I’m talking about your vehicle of course. Would you believe me if I told you your vehicle is designed with many different things to help drain your bank account and pocketbook? Some of you might know exactly what I’m talking about based upon your monthly car payment and insurance alone. These two these are phenomenal foremost.

What about added features such as the luggage rack. Studies show the aerodynamic drag of roof racks waste an estimated 100 million gallons of gas across the nation each year. I’m no genius but if you do the math on a hundred million gallons times an average of once a $2 a gallon I do believe that’s two hundred million dollars. With people starving around the United States, school systems having funds cut continuously, and Health Care being forced upon Americans in the form of Obamacare.

We allowed items such as unused luggage racks to consume 200 million dollars a year from our economy and put it into the pockets of rich oil mongols. The shocking truth is nobody really pays attention to things anymore. What if I told you the windows on your car were designed to amplify the radiation and UV rays of the Sun to accelerate skin cancer?

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