You Wont Believe How Much it Costs for Water in Some US Cities

The shocking truth likes to let you know that we are running out of water on our planet. While people such as Donald Trump and his energy adviser believe that global warming is just a hoax invented by the Chinese that is very real. If you question whether or not it is real, just ask yourself about a precious resource like water. Ask yourself this question do I have water? Most of you will probably answer yes to this if you live in the United States. Not having water accessible is a problem that people in many countries around the world face. Believe it or not, it is also a problem that is faced if you live in rural communities in America.

Remote towns in southeast Colorado required nearly a $13,000 deposit for water. This is absurd they call it a membership to a Water Association. Living here in the United States of America is exactly like living in Africa or South America when it comes to my water. I have to have my water trucked in from almost a hundred miles away and stored in an inground cistern as an alternative to the $13,000 deposit for water. When did we evolve as a people that are natural resources that are given right every human on this planet were given to a certain group of people so that they could charge the rest of the world for them?

It seems to me the world is falling apart even right here in the United States of America. I don’t believe the media reports on these types of events because they don’t want people to know this. People would be a little shocked and probably disappointed to know there’re places in the United States of America the greatest country in the world that can’t even get running water without paying an absurd price. The United States will fall apart soon because the people that live in it are all about profit, and that’s the shocking truth!

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