You Won’t Believe the New Trend That Involves Chickens

The shocking truth is there is an epidemic unlike any other that is plaguing the planet secretly behind the scenes. This epidemic is none other than chicken f******! With everybody getting their way doing what they want and everybody deserving the right to be as weird as they can possibly be in public chicken f****** believe that they have the right to start looking at sexy chicken pictures on the internet.

Not only are these sexy chicken pictures flying all over the Internet it is reported that young rural farm kids are showing up with the pictures of these chickens in their backpacks at school. These Chicken p*** pictures originally come out of Italy where a certain breed of chicken known as a Paduan chicken are being photographed in all their Glitz and glamour. With their exotic chicken feathered hairdos if you will and fancy patterns these Majestic Birds are attracting chicken f****** everywhere.

Image result for Paduan chicken

If you see pictures of chickens like these and your friend or family members possession it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re a chicken f***** but chances are pretty high the devil in the poultry from time to time. Sometimes we don’t like the things that we hear and that’s the shocking truth!

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