You Won’t Believe What These Monks Did in the Snow

Just about everyone has heard of a monk.  These are the little guys that chant and wear robes. We’ve seen them in movies and television shows. If you live in California, you run into them all the time. Very rarely do monks get to take out their aggression on one another as it is not in their nature. Unless of course they are crazy kung fu monks which then just watch out because they will kick your butt. However, this was not the case for some monks that got to release some of their aggression in Jerusalem.


These monks apparently decided to take outside to a rare snowstorm that happened and proceeded to have a snowball fight. You can watch the video where these monks repeatedly pound one another with snowballs as if they were comets from outer space wielding into the next individual! It almost looks as if it’s a Jedi battle in progress. Perhaps these weren’t monks at all, and this was just filming for the next Star Wars movie secretly! Who knows watch the video, and you be the judge. Share this with your friends and ask them whether they believe these are good natured monks, Jedi, or possibly maybe some immortals from the Highlander series.


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