You’ll Never Guess the Plot of the Next Indiana Jones

In news that is shocking the nation Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford have released the announcement they are making a fifth installment in the iconic and legendary movie series Indiana Jones! This time, it is said to take place in the state of Indiana during a marijuana drought. That would be why they are naming it Indiana Jones. Without weed in the entire state of Indiana, everyone who lives there will be jonesing!

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Actually, this is not true at all they really are making a fifth installment of the Indiana Jones movies and it really will have Harrison Ford acting as the legendary Professor Jones and Steven Spielberg will be the man working all the magic behind the scenes. What will be in store for the fifth installment of the Indiana Jones movies were not exactly sure. We do however know that it will be awesome!

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We now understand why Harrison Ford was okay with them killing off his character Han Solo in Star Wars. Who would want to be a part of that emo millennial-driven embarrassment to the Star Wars franchise anyway? I would much rather rock the role of Indiana Jones any day of the week!

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