You’ll Never Guess What These Machines are Doing

In the country of China, they are known to do some pretty crazy and outlandish things. When it comes to there game shows they push the realms. Some of the foods that they eat in China may seem way out there to those in the western culture. Now China has been known for many things throughout history. Things such as the Great Wall, take out food, and some even believe they created fortune cookies.


Now we would like to try to blame China for things like Gangnam Style and Kpop music, but they are not completely at fault. When China decides to do something odd and different they definitely find a way to be entertaining about it. The latest spectacle in China looks like something that should be a weekend event in every major city in the south. It’s kind of like demolition derby only better! Now how could you make demolition derby better you might ask?
For starters go to China.

A video clip showing several wheel tractor-scraper drivers fighting each other in the street has gone viral in China.



There you can watch six bulldozers in a demolition derby style battle fight it out on the streets like angry Transformers trying to annihilate one another. These massive monstrosities of machines came at each other full force in a spectacle that will leave you asking just what the hell is happening? Now you might think this was an organized event, but you would be wrong. This spectacle took place between two rival construction contracting companies that were competing with one another. No arrests were made because these f****** are crazy. Check out the video below.



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