You’ll Never Guess What Will Happen if These People Lose Their Jobs

Don’t get fired from your job or you’ll get 55 million dollars! Apparently if you have a kick-ass job like Marissa Mayer the CEO of Yahoo you can do whatever you want! Giant CEOs have set themselves up for the future no matter what the outcome is. They are called a successful business, but the truth is its cut-throat thievery! Marissa Mayer can do whatever she wants to do and should she be fired she will cash out with an estimated 55 million dollars worth of stock options, cash, and multiple other benefits associated with her position.

Not just her but other top execs at Yahoo have themselves set up that have a yahoo time no matter if they are successful or if they drag business into the ground! This news is unsettling for many people. Yahoo has made some amazingly ridiculous purchases such as trying to bring back Tumblr! Marissa Mayer has thrown lavish parties one most recently ranging in the millions of dollars being a Gatsby themed party.

If you work at Yahoo, you will never have to worry about eating again either! That’s right the CEO of Yahoo through a package in that states you can order whatever you want on the clock and Yahoo will pick up the bill! Many people at the company don’t think that this sound like a bad idea. Many employers along with the public appreciate a company doing such a thing. Ask their shareholders and you will find all kinds of reactions best described as angry!


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