You’ll Never Guess Where They Were Hiding 9 Tons of Cocaine

The shocking truth is in Columbia they go bananas over cocaine. Well, actually they have a lot of cocaine on banana farms in Columbia. Just recently Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos celebrated a victorious drug raid on a banana farm in Columbia. This drug raid was successfully pulled off by Colombian authorities with the accompany of to American Black Hawk helicopters. Speculation says the raid was very similar to something out of the movie XXX.

While authorities confiscated nearly eight metric tons of cocaine said to be worth roughly 240 million dollars they only managed to detain three people. During the time of their operation apparently three other people escaped.

It sounds to me like the American government knew where there was a great horde of cocaine being guarded only by six people who can easily be scared off by Two Black Hawk helicopters. Now the corrupt federal government politicians that thrive on cocaine and cocaine sales have a new supply.


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