You’ll Never Guess Who Robbed this Beauty Store

Recently there was a little bit of a fight between Mr. Freeze and Thor in a parking lot that left a car completely frozen in ice. Just the other day in fact that man was out being Batman. This Batman was pickpocketing people on the New York City strip while taking pictures with them. In an equally bizarre and strange twist, his good friend Captain America is now wanted in connection with a beauty store robbery.

Now we all knew Captain Rogers was a little bit of a pretty boy, but I never would have thought he was the kind to hold up a beauty store. I guess with a face like that you got to have a lot of foundation, lipstick, mascara, eyeshadow, or whatever other kind of make-up superheroes like to wear today. I should have guessed as much considering the man wears a blue spandex suit. When you’re in a grape smuggling that much you must be into Beauty Supplies so, it should actually come as no surprise.

It would seem as if the Justice League is turning into the Injustice League. Perhaps it’s a political way to set a bad example for all the superheroes so that the evil villain as political leaders can make super villains look bad in order to get rid of them. Either way, if you happen to see Captain America and he has a bunch of Beauty Supplies on him just call the police don’t ask any questions because you don’t want to know the answers.

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