You’ll Never Guess Why This Dog Wouldn’t Eat

jasper 1

Veterinarians at A specialty in emergency center located in Levittown Pennsylvania helped save a six-month-old puppy by the name of Jasper. You won’t believe what doctors had to do to save this pup. Jasper seemed to be normal and jumped around playing just like any other puppy. However when it came time for this puppy to eat poor Jasper could not manage to keep food down. Jaspers owners knew that this would eventually lead to severe problems so immediately took Jasper to the Emergency Center. At the veterinarian in the emergency center, they took x-rays of Jasper to see what was wrong.


It ends up Jasper had eaten too squeaky plastic toy balls and they were taking up the majority of the room in Jasper’s stomach. The two balls had to be surgically removed and appear to have been Christmas themed. They were red and green bouncy squeaky balls. According to the veterinarian, Jasper is not the only dog nor the first puppy to eat crazy things. Everything from car keys, toy cars, action figures, and even sex toys have been found in dogs stomachs. So be careful what you leave laying out around your pooch because you never know when he or she will get the urge to eat the weirdest of things.

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