Your Childs Water Very Well May Be Tainted at School

Shocking Truths likes to let you know the dangers that are lurking around every corner. All too often you will hear us warn you about the water crises around the world. The government poisons the water on a continual basis and the people are just finding this out. When someone is trying to control someone else they often times will turn to poisoning. Basic warfare back in the day was to send a sick individual or poisoned food to a village before an attack.

This way while everyone was sick it made for an easy victory for the attacker. Hitler was notorious for fluoridating the water in concentration camps. The US government is guilty of poisoning water in places such as Flint Michigan, arsenic water in Texas, and even Wisconsin is considering selling out the same way Michigan did. Countless other places across the United States have extremely bad water and one of the least places you would expect would be public schools.

However Public Schools have came up more than 470 times in tests for having failed for lead in the water. That’s right our children are being poisoned with the basic essentials of life. The next time your kids want to drink from the water fountain or you want to drink from the water fountain you might want to think twice about it. If that water is city water you might not want to trust it. They want you to drink the poisoned water that’s why collecting rainwater and other things of that nature are against the law in many places. Leave it to the government the ban nature!

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