Your Food Is Killing You


The food you eat is killing you. Not just because you are eating unhealthy foods but because of the way our dietary habits have evolved. The shocking truth is a 3.3 trillion dollar Global agricultural industry is responsible for contributing to more than 56% of all of the world’s methane and nitrous oxide emissions.


These levels are catastrophic and will destroy not only Life as We Know It but life in general if we do not change it. Cattle produce an astonishing amount of methane as well as nitrous oxide that is 2 – 300 times more potent on average than CO2. Dangerous methane gas is attributed to locking in harmful greenhouse gasses at a rate of 25 times higher than carbon dioxide.


If we don’t stop eating cheeseburgers and steaks not only will we run out of water we will kill our planet in the process! New alternative food sources and ways to reduce harmful emissions need


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