Your Next Mosquito Bite Might Be Your Last

Weaponized insects have been used to infect people for some time now. Biological warfare at its best. No soldiers needed to carry out this attack. All it takes is a simple little insect. In many cases, the insect of choice to carry out these deadly diseases has been the mosquito. Because the mosquito feeds on the blood of so many mammals from cattle,  pigs, and chickens all the way to household pets such as dogs and cats and even people, it makes the perfect carrier for viruses.


The West Nile Virus was known for being carried and transmitted by mosquito bites. Many people along with livestock around the world were infected with this intensely nasty virus. Many even died from it. Now another virus has surfaced. This is only one of many they have infected the weaponized insects with. The virus that I’m speaking about is none other than the Zika virus. Scientist in South America have produced a model to show just how the mosquito will infect the world. Areas in red are doing well areas, and blue may just survive this outbreak.


The zombie apocalypse is closer than we think. When this zika virus and the West Nile Virus along with all the other viruses they have infected these weaponized insects with combine it will turn people into flesh-eating mindless zombies. The world will never be the same. Correction, it’s too late for that the world is not the same anymore.

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