Zoo Animals Have Had Enough

The shocking truth is word is getting around that children cannot be trusted. We previously reported that the news had started to spread among the animals that live within zoos that horrible things such as getting shot may happen if a child happens to fall into your enclosure or is in any way thought to be in harm due to you. Providing more evidence to prove this just recently in Chiba Japan a male lion was filmed trying to attack a male child as he turned his back to the enclosure.

In the video, the child can be seen looking directly at the lion and the lion looking back just before the boy turns around and has his back to the glass protecting him from the Lion. Just as the child turns around the animal runs across its pin and slams into the glass protective barrier head first. This lion must have thought that this child was going to somehow end up inside of his enclosure so it appears the lion was going to go ahead and take the child out or run for safety before anything could happen to him.

The shocking truth is children and animals should not be trusted as they are two of the most unpredictable things on this planet. Perhaps kindergarten trips to the zoo shouldn’t be a tradition anymore as we are seeing an uprising of these animals that are being held in captivity since the recent shooting of a Silverback Gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo.


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