Zoo Animals No Longer Trust Children

The shocking truth is, most animals don’t belong in a zoo. It is understandable if an animal is injured and cannot survive in the wild then perhaps a zoo is an appropriate place to keep some of these majestic creatures of nature. Unfortunately all too many times these animals are caught in the wild and then put on display for human enjoyment. These animals are getting wise to what is going on and are not very happy about it. Animals are not the dumb creatures we believe they are.

With the recent shooting of the gorilla in the zoo, it has spread amongst the animals in the zoo community that children are dangerous. In fact, a video was recently recorded of a lion and a little girl. Most people would think this is an absolutely adorable little video. The little girl sees the lion and wants to blow the Lion a kiss. I want to pet it and love it and hug it and make it all mine she’s thinking. The lion did not agree.

When the little girl blue the kiss this Lions started clawing and scratching at the glass as if he wanted to devour the little girl like a snack cake. This is because zoo animals know if a little kid gets too close to you you’ll end up shot. It sucks to be replaceable, and this lion knows it. Want to take your kids to the zoo? You might ought to think twice about it, and that’s the shocking truth!



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