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Interim Insuring Agreement

This is called short-term or pre-medary insurance. This may be the case when an applicant needs immediate coverage, but wishes to defer the issuance of permanent insurance for a period of three to six months. (2) For the purposes of this Act, an interim insurance contract is an insurance contract envisaged by the insurer: the recent case of China Ping An Insurance (Hong Kong) Co Ltd/Tsang Fung Josephine (1) clarified the legal situation with respect to the conditions contained in the interim insurance contracts. The case concerned, among other things, car insurance certificates in Hong Kong. (8) If there is disagreement as to the nature and extent of the necessary repairs and repairs, or whether they are adequate, or the amount to be paid for loss or injury, these issues must be decided under the Insurance Act before the contract can be recovered, whether or not the right to recovery is contested. , and regardless of all other issues. There is no right to an assessment until a concrete claim is made in writing and after the proof of loss is delivered. (a) in the case of a life insurance contract, the agreement reached between the contracting parties with respect to the renewal or renewal of the contract; (c) the date on which insurance coverage begins under another insurance contract (whether it is an intermediary insurance contract) between the insured and the insurer or another insurer, i.e. insurance coverage subject to insurance, intended to replace the insurance coverage guaranteed with the interim insurance contract; 4-002 Intermediate insurance type: interim insurance, usually sanctioned by an insurance note, is a provisional insurance contract that is granted in anticipation of the acceptance of the insured`s offer and the issuance of a formal policy. Its role is to provide immediate coverage until the proposal is adopted and replaced by the policy, is rejected after being communicated to the insured. A loss that occurs during the currency of this interim protection is generally governed by the conditions of the interim insurance and not by the terms of a policy that replaces it. Like any insurance contract, it requires agreement on all essential conditions and comes into effect on its own terms. 1.

Where a general insurance contract contains a provision that excludes or limits the insurer`s liability in the event of injury because the insured is a party to an agreement that excludes or limits the insured`s right to reimbursement of damages suffered by a person other than the insurer with respect to the damage only if the insurer has informed the insured, in writing, of the effect of the provision prior to the conclusion of the insurance contract. includes, with respect to a provisional insurance contract, a document generally referred to as an insurance letter prepared by the insurer or through an insurance intermediary with the insurer`s authority. When an applicant has a limited period of time, he or she does not receive a type of receipt.

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