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Online Course Development Agreement

Development begins with a meeting between the manager/developer and the instruction designer. The training designer helps plan a development plan, supports development and defines the technology or training needed to complete the development. Classes may be cancelled if price changes are not completed before the start of the semester. Faculties and departments developing online and hybrid courses should follow the following process: Deparments interested in developing comprehensive online programs can contact Kevin Shanley, Director of USU Online, kevin.shanley@usu.edu or 797-8177. AIS – USU Online authorizes up to ten premiums of up to $5,000 per due date. Each prize worth $5,000 is subsidized by AIS Labor for a complex and interactive course of 3 hour credits, which has an average of: Proposals for spring 2021 courses expire on October 12, 2020. Recipients are notified by October 23. 2020. Requests for assistance follow the same process as the new online cure process above and are subject to the same NAME USU IP.

By retaining content, departments can continue to offer courses after a course director has left a course or stopped teaching a course. This is important to give consistency to online students who need certain courses to complete their online programs. In addition, maintaining the content of a department allows the development of a course that can be assigned to other faculties if necessary. The online course development agreement covers all online courses sponsored and distributed by the university, whether available or new, whether or not they are offered in the form of credit and whether the course is part of a program proposed under the Strategic Academic Program Development (SAPD) initiative. The online course development agreement replaces previous revenue-sharing agreements. Revenue-sharing agreements that are not subject to these guidelines are those that are in effect before July 1, 2018. Once the course is developed, the developer/teacher can keep copies of the content to be used in another institution, provided they obtain permission from their academic department. The department may entrust another course manager with the use of course content previously developed for a USU course.

The instructor can tailor and customize the content to suit their individual needs. To develop an hour of credit for completed course content: According to USU Policy 587 (reference 3.5 – 3.6), USU qualifies the evolution of online courses as a book ordered and acquires and retains as such ownership of all USU IPPs related to the online course in developed development.

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