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Visa Exemption Agreement Korea

!! The three additional documents mentioned above must be filed with the general visa application file. ! ! A consular date for a South Korean Embassy visa for tourism should be made in a timely manner prior to the planned arrival date in the country, to ensure sufficient time for processing and authorization. Depending on nationality, visa-free citizens can stay in South Korea from 30 days to 180 days. !! U.S. citizens can still visit Korea for less than 90 days without a visa, while complying with the mandatory 14-day quarantine. All visitors must have a valid passport that is good for more than 6 months. ! ! It is recommended that the embassy visa be set in a timely manner before the scheduled arrival date in South Korea, as processing and authorization can take several weeks or more. (1) Valid passport (passport must be valid for more than six months at the time of application) (2) Copy of the applicant`s passport biographical page (3) Completed visa application form (download the corresponding form from the annexes above) If foreigners wishing to enter the Republic of Korea to participate in SS 12 have, if applicable, valid passports and valid entry visas. Visitors can stay in Korea for up to 30 days without a visa, with the exception of tickets from certain countries. Any visitor from a country that does not have diplomatic relations or special visa exemption with Korea should obtain an entry visa before travelling to Korea. If you are unsure of the entry visa requirements in the Republic of Korea, please contact the Danish Embassy or the nearest consulate as soon as possible. Passport holders issued by the following countries and possessing an APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC) containing the “KOR” code on the back, which is valid for travel to South Korea, can travel without a visa for business travel of up to 90 days. [1] – Applicants whose visa was issued before April 5, 2020 ET must enter Korea for the necessary reasons (excluding tourism) may reapply at no cost.

An authorized tourist message visa may be issued as an individual or multiple visa for a short stay. It is also possible to obtain a tourist visa renewal once in South Korea and before the expiry of the visa. All other foreign travellers must obtain a tourist visa for entry into the country, which must currently be requested at the nearest embassy or consulate in South Korea. However, if they have been in mainland China since December 30, 2019, citizens of 114 countries that have signed a visa waiver agreement with the Republic of Korea, who can enter the mainland of the Republic of Korea without a visa, will be able to continue to travel to Jeju Island without a visa. Ministry officials have announced that the new online visa for South Korea, ETA should be implemented in 2021, once the development of the relevant systems is complete. The legal provisions to make ETA a reality and allow travellers from countries deposed from the visa requirement to obtain it before travelling to South Korea. The South Korean government is considering setting up an electronic travel authorization system for visa-free foreign visitors. [35] South Korea maintains a list of visa waiver agreements and a visa waiver list with countries that are not on lists requiring an entry visa. [1] [2] In addition, foreigners who wish to engage in certain activities, such as diplomatic work, professional activity, education or residence, must apply for a visa before carrying out this activity in the country. [3] [4] In 2007, the government introduced several new rules for the E-2 visa. These include a criminal record check, a health check and a consulate/embassy interview for the first candidates.

[60] In 2008, it was denounced as discriminatory in several English-speaking countries that were excluded from the E-2 visa application.

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